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Akarshan Technology is a privately held Indian MNC. We started as a Bootstrapped start-up and till date have taken no external funding. We currently have 8 Figure revenues; 80 plus Employees and; more than 25,000 customers worldwide. We are open to strategic investments to fulfill our vision and create wealth for our shareholders. Please email us - investor@demo.in to receive a financial prospectus about investing in Akarshan Technology and why it could be a wise option for you and your fund.


Verticals we work in
  • High Technology Training & Products
  • Information Security Software & Services (Secfence)
Investor Relations Contact
  • Attn: Chief Financial Officer
  • Akarshan Technology
  • First Floor, S.R. Palace, Shershah Road,
  • Gulzarbagh,Patna-800007, India
  • Tel: +91-993-126-6803
  • akarshanindia@gmail.com

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